A photo is far more than a file on a computer, or a piece of glossy paper, it tells a story, it has a story, an aura to it, not only to the people involved but to friends, family and complete strangers, everyone can take something from looking at the moment caught within the image, and that is something that is special, to you, and with great passion, to me also.

When you book with me for anything, I provide you with a service you will not soon forget, one you will be eager to share, friends and family will hear of the occasion where I photographed what means the most to you, whether it be a Christening, a Wedding, your pride and joy, an engagement, or maybe you wanted a portfolio to be proud of, I can and will deliver.

The resulted images will be professional, tasteful, creative, and most importantly, what you want!

My services include Wedding photography, Christenings, Portraiture, Family and children, Engagement parties and candid walks, events such as music, sports, commercial and corporate, and also automotive photography.



All prices are starting from, please ring to discuss your needs for a more accurate price.


An hour portrait session with 2 free 10x8 prints for £60

Automotive shoots start at £60 with upto an hour and half of shooting time

Headshot session for an Hour with 2 free 10x8 prints for £60

Full day weddings start from £700 with a free USB containing all final edited images and 30 page photobook

Half day wedding start from just £500 with fully edited images on USB (roughly 200 images)

Engagement photoshoot is £100 with 2 free 10x8 prints (includes parties upto 2 hours)

Christening full cover is £150 with free non-watermarked images on cd

Sports event coverage is £80 for 2 hours, upto 30 images are included on a cd (both low and high quality)

Music venue for 1 band is £80 for 2 hours, upto 20 images are included on a cd (both low and high quality)

Promo photoshoot for new or unsigned band is £80 for upto 2 hours shooting time with images on cd (5 entire band shots, plus 2 of each member respectively, additional photos are priced at £10 each)

Promo photoshoot for a signed band is £150 for 2 hours, non-watermarked images included on cd (5 entire band shots, plus 2 of each member respectively, additional photos are priced at £10 each)


 Photography tuition, for up to 4 people in one outing is £15 per hour, or £20 for 2 hours each person

Watermarked digital copies on a CD are £30, to remove the watermarks on your digital images incurs an additional £30 fee on certain packages

Prints, books, albums, canvases and accessories such as mugs, keyring etc are available from various prices

My quality images provide a unique and positive point of view and my attention to fine details will stand out, full editing is inclusive, and is done to a high quality which many of my existing clientele would gladly recommend me for, I am very proud and protective of my reputation.

If you are on the ropes, or simply wondering what to expect from my work, please venture into my large portfolio and view my images for a better understanding of how my images present themselves, my Blog section furthermore expresses my work, which includes stories from my photo shoots, behind the scenes images of my efforts and information regarding the subjects.

Get me on the phone and talk to me about my prices and packages, it is very hard to generalise a package in one sentance for your specific needs, so please do get in touch.


In the about section you will find a list of previous clients pleasant and honest feedback.