The time I shot a music video / by Bennett Photography

Back last year I was approached by All To Ruin, a heavy metal band local to me, to record their new singles video , with already accurately drawn up ideas from the Lead singer Aaron, I decided to take his brainchild on and met up with Aaron and his chosen actor on the set, which was the local sand dunes based in Aberavon beach.

I was told I needed to follow the journey of a traveler, as he searched for something, he had been searching for months, his clothes were ragged, he was tired, very tired, and hadnt slept a decent night for some time, he was heavy with his burdens, thoughts of what troubled him, these burdens had a physical form, which were literally being dragged where he walked, he had traveled so long and far, he reached lands end, he can be then seen gazing out at the end of his venture.

I had never shot a music video before, infact I had not actually produced a video before, only shorts that I hardly edited before I was asked by Aaron, so I was slightly apprehensive, regardless I was keen to get involved

Taken on set were these:

Aaron's brother helped as a rehearsal 


Videographed by myself, Co-videographed and produced by Aaron Roberts of All To Ruin