Spring action day 2015 / by Bennett Photography

So once again, show season for me was catapulted to a start within the grounds of the renowned Castle Combe circuit, a staple venue during a car enthusiasts show calender.

With a track day oriented show such as this, the fumes of petrol and oil, tyre and clutch fill the air, getting right back to where last years season left off in September.

With Motorsport related cars throughout the vast fields and paddock of Castle Combe, the vibe is well and truly with you as you verge around gazing on the fine work of many car lovers and clubs, with anything from a 60's Mini to a Nürburgring smashing Nissan GT-R.

With track action from the public throughout, a drift session that always gets the spectators on their feet to the sound of tyre squeal.

Here is a brief selection of what I enjoyed seeing at the show.