A Pair of Volkswagens / by Bennett Photography

I found myself eyeing up a friends car while scrolling through facebook, it was a red mk2 Golf, ive known of it, always liked it, and thought to myself, i want to shoot that car...


Following the success of shooting Daniel's mk3 Golf, i wanted to take it to the next step and indulge in what i found so enjoying with that shoot, so i decided i had to message this mk2's owner, James.

The conversation flowed, and James decided he loved the idea of his car getting the attention it deserved when i would turn my lens towards it, so he agreed, and made a date for it to happen.

The day come, we had arranged to meet at a petrol station, but when i got there there was not just a Golf i had expected, but James had company, his Mate Nathan had been clad in a beautiful '74 Beetle, James said to me ' you dont mind my mate tagging along?' i replied ' does he want a few shots in?'
Of course Nathan did, with that we all moved out to my first choosen location, a long straight county lane through some arch-way tree's.


I told the boys to just park diagonally, and get themselves out of frame, i couldn't contain myself... two beautifully presented VW's all to myself! (can you believe i get paid to do what i love the most?!)

I hope a car doesnt come.
— James on the shoot

With the Forest section of the day over, we packed up and continued onto the next spot i had picked out, easing over the speed bumps along the way.

With the next spot i had the cars arranged in a staggered layout similar to the first, and had planned to work on each in their own right, with a number of them in the same shot.

I loved the location for its urban feel and the pillars give a staggered look but are not too distracting.

At this point i was itching to exploit all the small interesting bits these cars had to offer.

First up.. the '89 Golf, James had worked hard and spent some good money getting this 1.6 Driver to his liking, and it works, it has a unique design that others wanted, he always received complements and even the offer to buy it from him every now and then!

Mate of mine thought it be funny to latch a padlock to the tow eye, then hide the key in an easter egg hunt like game, jokes on him though as i actually like it there!
— James

Moving onto the Bug, i love this machine, such character, from a car i never really had interest in before meeting with Nathan's.
Nathan's touches to his pride and joy are unique thats certain, but also reflect his wacky persona, with small touches at every angle and an interior that actually seems quite modern for the 70's VW.
I was itching to get my macro lens peering down at it!

There was a hole in the end of the jacking point, so i figured id be different and stick a skateboard wheel in it, looks alright
— Nathan

Before finishing up we were joined by Paul, a mate of theirs, who was keen at what was going on, and later in the year had a own shoot of his own done with me!

Nathan s till uses his Beetle, albeit its currently wrapped up warm in its bed for winter, awaiting a Restoration i hear.

James's Golf on the other hand was sold on shortly after this earlier in 2014, which in turn has been sold on once more, James still keeps an eye on it and in contact with its current owner as he always gets that nostalgic urge to buy the Golf back, my images were actually used for the for sale ads.

Check out the rest of the shoot with the slides