Welshford goes to Gotboost / by Bennett Photography

Being a regular myself within the car club Welshford, i was invited to attend the annual Rolling road day the club likes to organise, and for the last 3 years we have used the Bridgend based tuning company Gotboost.

The Pyle industrial estate is the location of the companies new workshop after moving from the heart of Bridgend, with more space, and a new booth to house their Dynolog rolling road or Dynomometer, everyone within the club was eager to attend, but also bringing some of the newer member

The date set was the 6th of april 2014, and i was commissioned by the company owners to document the day, the cars going on the rollers, the people and atmosphere of the day.



Turns out the day was also being covered by Performance Ford magazine as a "dyno shootout" feature, they had sent their local photographer Jon Davies along but due tot he nature of the job he was mostly committed to a static tripod of the cars going on the dyno the entire day.

i had decided to bring 2 cameras with me on the day, my D3200 to sit on a tripod and film each car using my Sigma 17-50mm lens, but i was also shooting the day using a 35-80mm fitted to my D200, i occasionally reverted back to the Sigma for some shots on the D200 although.

The day was great fun, the atmosphere was great, friendly and somewhat competitive between the RS owners, and each person felt a certain tenseness for when their turn was coming, hoping the cars wouldnt let them down and reveal a less than desire power output.

Some amazing Fords were present, and everyone held reserve for a certain car that run last.

My own car run and did not let me down, but did reveal a underlying power issue, which i left knowing how to resolve it, proving that these rolling road days are not all about power boasting, and that diagnosis is also a key element!






For you performance tuning needs check out gotboost.co.uk