Back to your roots / by Bennett Photography

So september last year me and my partner visited her father in Slough, and already knowing that i was massively into photography, he had a gift waiting for me when we got there, and it was his old Nikon F50 with 35-80mm kit lens, an electronic SLR film camera produced in 1995, I was really happy with such a surprise, all it needed to work was a new CR2 battery (which i had never seen before then)

I still often use the camera to this day, sometimes it accompanies me on a shoot just as a documentation to have on film, as i dont always print off photos from shoots.

But i also go out solely with this camera and shoot with it for a hobby from time to time, here i have a few images taken on this camera, not just with its kit lens but also with my other lenses. 


Neath vista



The camera, The F50 (N50 in USA) is a entry level film digital SLR with basic functions but with full manual, shutter, aperture and program modes, It also has a "simple" auto mode for novices, it works with motor drive AF lenses with a AF confirm for non AF lenses