Elan valley trip / by Bennett Photography

Theres many places within my own country I want to explore, as it is for many of us, living in the south, I dont often venture up to mid wales, but me and the other half planned to make the drive up through the valleys passing Brecon and Builth wells to visit the network of dams in Elan Valley.

Ive heard of its scenery and beautiful views, even seeing one of the dams on Top Gear but even the drive there was worth the trip, We traveled from Port Talbot through the Afan valley, going over the Bridgend county Bwlch road, which is one of the highest points close to my home, from there you can see for miles, with large drops and panning vistas

A4061 Bwlch road has many stunning views

Further on the road we stopped once more at a stunning hillside which is home to s small shed that seems to have been made the subject of an art feature, opposite this shed is a beautiful view over the valley.


View past the painted shed

Passing over Brecon Beacons was thrilling enough, passing Beacons Reservoir, where a tour bus had made its stop, further into the valley 


After passing Builth wells i was on the back foot, never having travelled beyond the town myself, But with that come plenty of surprises as what come next was unknown to me, we passed through a small village called Rhayader, passing its very central streets, which was homer to its clock tower.

Rhayader town central clock tower

Not much further to go now as we were beginning to see signs for the Elan Valley, a few more miles on the open country road and we arrived at the visitors centre, where it was heaving, we struggled to park, resorting to making our own parking space even!

A quick look around the centre and we headed up the most obvious trail, which lead us straight to a large over bearing dam right off the bat, it panned the valley width and was as high as the road side atop the hillsides. 

Lowermost and first reservoir at Elan valley

To carry on the trail we had to climb up a very steep bank to reach the road side, but from up the top we could see the entire reservoir that dam was holding, and what a sight it was!

Caban-Coch reservoir (lowermost)

Heading onwards we had a 4 mile walk to the next reservoir that was feeding the lower one, with stunning views and a lovely day to boot, we arrived at the following reservoir.

Garreg-ddu reservoir

Further along the trail we stopped at a quaint little waterfall, the road then to the next reservoir was long and slightly uphill, taking us another hour to reach it, but we spotted the large mass of water  running over the dams ridge from over a mile out, we gained excitement and hurried on the path.

WE arrived at the top of the hill to this sight, it took my breath away, despite the climb, a real awe inspiring view of a massive waterfall over the dam, the Pen y garreg Dam holds a massive body of water which luckily had reached its capacity and was flowing over the dam unlike the previous two we come across along the way.

Pen y garreg Dam

Pen y garreg Dam

Right behind us while viewing the dam was this beautiful view of what to me, looks liek an enchanted forest, the sun was shining through perfectly, it just summed up the whole day for me, I was ready for the return walk after seeing this, I come to see the marvelous Elan valley, at this point I felt I had.