Bowling team photo / by Bennett Photography

I was asked by my grandad, who is a long term member of the Tata/british steel bowling club if i would shoot the members team photo for their recent cup win in the south wales championship, a date was set when every one of the team could be available and when the weather was just right.

I was also to provide the team with a framed print to each member, and also a large print of the team for the club house wall, some 20x16 frame with a mounted image to be displayed with a team member sheet situated beneath, a first of this kind of job for me.


On the day, everyone was in good spirits, it had been some years since they last won the cup, so everyone was in a celebratory mood!

Jokes were being said, hand shaking and a bout of manly merry making, amongst this was me documenting the entire thing, as i managed to get the gents outside for the photo, before i knew it certain parts were spreading out for chats and even 2 of the captains were posing by a bush wearing silly sunglasses.


I had coerced the gents into position and aligned them for the shot, set up on a tripod and fired away, i took a few shots, happy we all retired to the clubhouse for the captains photos, i had also set my laptop up to show the men the result

End result

After the photos were done, the gang hit the pub between the playing fields, and it was a special occasion for another reason, a member had turned 9 that day, and my grandad had made Graham a personalised clock from a bowling wood (he explained how tough the material used for these woods is, and how long and strenuous it is milling into one! )

here is another member presenting the card and clock