Focus RS hill climb / by Bennett Photography

The Focus RS I recently photographed, owned by Luke Morgan was taken through its paces on the Epynt hill climb the other day by Luke, who frankly, considering its a month old 34 grand car had no reservations as he thrashed the 4WD hot hatch through the chicanes and ropey ribbon of tarmarc, with so little margin of error im blown away by this mesmerising up hill sprint.

Watch the in car footage Here:

                                                  Click photo above for the video

Luke's daring sprint pulled him in a 63 second time lending him 6th in the entire day, and only second in his class, loosing out by only 1.03 seconds to his good friend Ryan Suter of JMS photographic in his equally zesty Audi RS3, whos daring and confidence helped stay off Luke as the competition.

Not bad for standard car's as also in attendence were rally bred purpose built track cars, which inevitably took the lead but by not as big of a margin as you'd expect.

Some more photos of this beautiful RS I captured just 2 weeks ago...