Super Blood Moon / by Bennett Photography

The last time I had seen the super moon, I come away with a cracking shot, so this time I knew what I was doing when setting my camera up sadly I didnt wait up until 3am for the eclipse.

I set the tripod up outside of my bedroom window, fitting my D700 with a 2x Teleconverter, to double my Sigma 70-200 f2.8s reach, and manually exposed for 1/125 at F8, with iso 200, I then manually focused on the moon until it was clear and sharp through my viewfinder, AF confirm had lit up confirming I was, but it isnt 100% accurate when it comes to bright objects, the moon is no exception, so after taking the initial shot, I changed my focus slightly each time to make sure it was nailed at least once

I also done a shot with my D300s like I did back in the last supermoon, this obviously didnt require as much of a crop, thanks to the smaller sensor in that camera inherently being more zoomed in than a full frame camera such as the D700.

Until next time blood moon, see you in 2033!