A Thoughtful Project / by Bennett Photography

A friend approached me recently, asking me for advice, "I want to blow a mobile phone image up big, onto a canvas and im not too sure hows best to go about doing this".

Now obviously a mobile phone image is never a good basis for a large print, the image may look good on your 5" screen, but in truth the file is barely good enough for an A4 print, let alone a large canvas!

I told my friend this as a warning, but told him i could help him make the most of out the image if he was to send the full size file to me for some tweaking, but before he had, he decided it was bit of a daft idea, and that spending £60 on a canvas using a poor quality file was rhetorical, so opted for myself to recreate the image and provide the canvas for him!

The canvas was to be a present for his loved one, it was her 3 young girls with matching outfits facing away from the camera, and it were to be a birthday present, and on top of that a surprise!

So having made up some story to get the children out dressed smart and to meet me, we got cracking, armed with a single fill flash and my 24-70 f2.8, also my 70-200 f2.8, we headed for the river up our local woods, my own recommendation, as I love working with natural environments and scenery, it really brings out the best of a character.

I took 2 variations of the shot, one under the canopy tree line, and another out on the river shore on the pebbles, which ended up being the shot my client most favoured, but as a side offer, i also wanted to take individual portraits of each of the daughters, one up close and one slightly further out.

Here are the results from the shoot.


The sisters with their cousin




The end result was a 30x20 inch canvas, which turned out beautiful, sharp and clear, something a mobile image would never achieve on a large print, 3 individual A4 prints of each daughter and a very surprised and happy mother on her birthday!