Singleton classic car show / by Bennett Photography

Singleton classic car show, its a stable in my show calendar, It may seem a quite and low key event, but it has always been an exciting build up for me, and Im happy enough sifting through the auto jumble, or gazing at the local classic cars, which always has surprised me how many great cars there are local to me, often you'll find an american classic, such as a Corvette, a Firebird or a Mustang.


The show for the last 2 years has been an ice breaker for me, being the my second show of the year every year, I find that over the winter, like many other car enthusiasts, have spent most of their time working on a project, and by May are ready to unveil it.

Two years ago, this was the very case, I had spend my nights from December '13 building an engine, i recall going down the garage after my Christmas dinner and fitting a head gasket and the head back on a 1.4 CVH engine!
Come May I had the car ready for its first car show, it was my now sold mk2 fiesta, I took on a big project getting it how I wanted it, changes I made included a carb to injection conversion as well as the entire 1.4 from the standard 950cc, I also did a half respray at home.

My mk3 fiesta Si in front, an my old mk2 fiesta popular in the back


This year was a similar story, I had been spending the last 6-7 months working on a mk3 Capri, converting it to manual transmission, rebuilding the engine, and painting/rebuilding all of the running gear, I made it ready just a week prior to the show, ready to drive there fully road legal!

My white Ford Capri 2.0 Laser

Have a look through the cars i found to stand out at the show, some regulars, some new.

This year I forced a new perspective on myself, and only took 1 lens, a 50mm 1.8 prime