A sad day / by Bennett Photography

Last week featured a sad sad day for Bennett Photography, but there is silver linings..

Seeing the new purchase of a D700, which as you might already have guessed, is a full frame (FX) camera, and Nikon DX crop sensor lenses will no longer work correctly for these cameras (as goes for third party variants)

So with the Sigma 17-50 F2.8 out of the picture as far as my full time walk about and short zoom lens on my FX camera goes, and that left a hole that i needed filled.


So along come the Sigma 24-70 F2.8, i picked this bad boy up almost 2 weeks ago, it took some changes to the way i set the camera up prior to a shot, but with that squared away, it impresses me every time

The eagle eyed of you will notice its from the same range and era as my Sigma 70-200 F2.8, with the same EX crinkle finish that sigma used to coat the lenses with.


With this bought, it seemed foolish to hold onto a lens that will see little use, and that still had value, so i made the decision to sell my much loved Sigma 17-50! 

I had owned it for a year and lost about £70 on what i paid for it back then, it has been used through 3 cameras, first the D3200, then my D200, then in turn the D300s, taken thousands of images, many of my best work


This left a hole in my lens self once more, the D300s which will remain a backup body, didnt have a short zoom, ofcourse being a DX format camera the Sigma 24-70 would work well on it, however im still missing 8-9mm on the wide end that used to be provided by my 17-50, so with that in mind i decided to replace it with a cheaper non professional lens for when the need is there for me to use the D300s at a short zoom situation

Which saw me purchasing a used Nikkor 18-70mm F3.5 - 4.5 ED DX lens, £80.95 posted, a bargain i thought, excited for the postman to bring me my new lens (second within a week!!)

However i was rather surprised when it arrived.

The lens come in a box, bubble wrapped, and thats it! no bag, neither end caps, no hood or paperwork, rather miffed at the poor packaging, i took the lens and examined it, i found it to be very tatty, and large elements of what looked like dust behind the front element, perhaps from transit due to no lens cap being fitted, or any attempt to seal the lens, or perhaps the seller knew about it and just failed to inform me, i tested the lens, using high apertures on a plain overcast sky, and as expected the spots of dust were easily visible


So after requesting a refund from the eBay seller, i had purchased another, before sending this one back, once that had come i was relieved to find it in much better condition, this second 18-70 had come well packaged, i found it in its soft pocket case as supplied by Nikon, no box, as i suspect this was sold along with the D70/D80 as a kit lens as they often were, however i received everything it was sold with originally, including both Genuine caps and a petal hood.

The difference in quality was staggering, the finish of this new lens was still matt, and felt rough as intended, opposed to smooth and shiny of the latter example, also the zoom mechanism was far smoother, no notches and sticky spots, but most importantly, the lens was free from major dust particles! 


Brief video showing the difference, New lens is first

New lens is on the Left

Its notable that the worn lens was made in Japan, where as the better condition lens was manufactured in Thailand

Nikon D300s w/ Nikkor 18-70mm F3.5-4.5 ED IF DX

The lens produces nice shots, it has a relatively fast aperture, something odd about it is that the widest it goes zoomed in is 4.5, most lenses of this type range from 3.5-5.6

another point is that the lens reaches f4.5 at 46mm, and can only remain at f4 upto 34mm, f3.5 lasts no longer than 22mm


My partner Katie took this one, she has a keen eye

My partner Katie took this one, she has a keen eye

Im quite pleased with the lens, although it isnt a fast f2.8, it will certainly do the job, and for that extra zoom after all, it will make a great short zoom for walkabouts and as a back up, and for just £85 


It is a shame ive had to loose part of my collection