Taste of my own medicine / by Bennett Photography

So while searching for some haze among a dense forest, traveling between the different sections of the tree line in my car, i come across a beautiful vista over looking nearby Cwmafon, and found that i had parked my car at a rather photogenic angle.

And it got me thinking, why have i never done one of my unique photo shoots, with my own pride and joy?

So i parked up and got the camera out of the car, this is what happened.

At this point trucks hauling dozens of logs were approaching me and i was forced to resign, but i feel i did the girl justice and settled on what I had taken.

The 174bhp 24 valve V6 motor does me proud every day, never letting me down, and i can honestly say its the smoothest engine Ive ever driven, well balanced and progressive, and seeing an average of 30mpg its not too bad on the wallet also.

Since i bought it a year ago I fettled with various aspects of the car to make her my own, besides the obvious exterior changes such as lowering it 30mm on Apex springs, and the Big 300mm ST170 stopers behind them mondeo ST200 17 inch alloys, ive uprated certain parts of the engine also, making sure it produces above them 15 year old factory figures of 168bhp, as it was proven on the Rollers at Gotboost Bridgend (who now use my Coverage images to promote theyre business)

Joining the queue for the rollers amoung a pair of ST at GotBoost

Performance ford featured the day

Performance ford featured the day

Changes include Racebits/Toyosports Exhaust headers (3-1 Decats) for each bank, connecting to a De-restricted Y connecting pipe under the sump that joins front and rear banks together

Comparison between the Standard manifold and pre cat, against the free flowing Toyosports 3 branch header

Other changes include ST200 inlet manifolds, which are larger internally, and also smoother inside to reduce drag on the incoming air, avoiding turbulence is key to allow the air to move freely, and smooth, the throttle body come from the mk3 mondeo's ST220 3.0 V6 engine, which requires minor fettling to fit.

Aiding in air flow is a Pipercross panel filter sitting in a modified and drilled airbox, giving more air intake, and a throaty induction roar.

After my alternator giving up the ghost on me, it was replaced with a brad new item while the manifolds were being fitted, this is a common fault on these Duratec V6 engines of the era (V6 model mk1 and mk2 mondeo, also cougar V6)

And to finish off the engine bay is some engine paint detailing, to the cam covers, inlet plenum, and a good clean up and degrease.