Fiesta in the Rolling hills / by Bennett Photography

I was contacted by a fellow Car club member, Matt was recently looking through one of my photo albums on my FaceBook page when he suddenly decided, his newly purchased, 5000 mile Fiesta Zetec S, had to be booked in for a private photoshoot with one of my attention shoots.

But the planning had only just begun, as Matt became more and more excited after booking his car in, he had already begun to brainstorm what his perfect shoot was going to look like, he had begun messaging me with requests, "can i do such and such", "can we try this", at this point, an even more excited Matt Townley had a small list ready for the day to arrive, he had chosen his own location, the rather famous Ystradfellte Ford up in Brecon Beacons.

The hidden river high up in the Welsh valleys has become somewhat of a destination for photographers, and enthusiasts within the car scene in the last few years, its easy to see why, the very Ford itself is on a disused road that leads no where for transport, yet the crossing has a cement road going through the river itself, just shallow enough for a car to park on and the occupants to scurry out to the banks without getting too soaked.

The day arrived, and as planned I met up with Matt, who was joined by his partner, at the Mcdonalds in Glyn Neath where I found him doing a spot of last minute cleaning.

I made my way over and introduced myself to Matt and his Partner Megan, where after a short conversation, it was clear the amount of love, and admiration Matt felt towards his new Black Zetec s, he was immensely proud of it infact, after a glancing walk around the car itself.


We set off from Gyln Neath, up the A465 towards Brecon, the weather was hazy but good for a  shoot, sunny spells now and then through dense clouds.

We had arrived at Brecon, the unforgettable roads passing over the first few hills of the Valley, after taking the turning off, these roads that follow are very enjoyable.

Once we arrived at the dirt road down to the Ford itself, i had parked off to the side, of which there is a parking ground, as after all this is a popular hiking location, i grabbed my gear, and made my way back over to the river where Matt had been signaled prior to stop.

I positioned his car, and dug out my Telephoto lens, and the shoot began!

Using the long range 70-200mm Sigma from up in the brush, to achieve a compressed look, as Matt had requested a Mobile desktop suited image

As you can see Matts fiesta is reletively standard in form, as he has understandably not had it very long (less than a month to the date of the shoot)
but still this hasnt stopped him from making a small yet substantial stamp on the car, notably the red lipped grill, in the new Fiesta Black's unique way.

Same technique as before but i had circled around tot he back of the car

The Ford, which is essentially a shallow river crossing used by transport, ends to one side via a small waterfall, its a automotive-photography haven, its really no wonder this place is as popular as it is.

Slow shutter and telephoto lens make for a interesting shot here

As the weather continued to fluctuate, i really didnt know whether my flash set up was coming or going, i had to really think on my feet, as being a Black car, it was crucial i made the low tones stand out, to capture every inch of detail within the reflective shiny paintwork.

I Enjoyed the challenge, immensely...

Shortly after a burst of images taken, the sun reared its bright head, hooray!

The 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine, produced by ford, cost them millions to develop, they poured so much effort and research into this future proof, economical powerplant, which was later redesigned into other variants, including the very new and current 1.5 ecoboost, a 1.6 ecoboost found in the current Fiesta ST, a 2.0 variant found in the Focus ST, and also a 2.3 4 cylinder which the Mustang will become fitted with, that particular monster produces 300bhp, quite impressive, and personally i believe this is the engine that the Focus RS would end up having, if it ever gets made that is...

State of the art 3 cyl 1.0 turbo ecoboost engine, produces 125bhp in the Fiesta Zetec S trim

the 2 shot see through bonnet is a common yet effective look

"get the reflection" Matt said

At this point, i felt i had taken a fair few at the Ford itself, and i wanted to move on to the next location, after all, how can i avoid getting my feet wet when i want to get upclose and personal with this car.

Packed up and moved out, Matt hanging back up the hill to avoid catching the kicked up dust from my car, i spotted the great valley view at the top, and quickly pulled over, grabbed the camera and got into position...


Brecon is home to some of the UK's finest valleys capes and drivers roads

Further up the B road (fun driving) we found our next spot, utalizing the moody skies, the camera wasnt stowed long.

Moody skies, light rays and a beautiful view, this fiesta has one hell of a backdrop 

With the scenery behind it, the fiesta pointed out towards to open valley

I had planned from the start, to do something special and unique for the Fiesta, i knew since id first read up on the mk7.5 fiesta that they had amazing looking blue lit dials, and i wanted to bring emphasis to them, i knew what i wanted, but i wasnt going to let on with Matt the specifics of my idea.

Stationary rev limiter kicks in at 4k RPM sadly, however the dials still look amazing

I began with Detailed shots of what makes the car special

Matt has already begun to make his mark on the well made out mk7.5 interior but fitting Submarine lighting to the footwells

In anticipation of the future release of the Fiesta Black, Matt has applied a red lip to the fiesta's two front grills

The last of Matts requests was to photograph the car doing rolling shots, so i brought out the 70-200 once more and flipped the continuous servo switch and upped the frame rate to the full 8fps

The Journey ahead