Green Ninja 9/6/14 / by Bennett Photography

A old friend from college come to me not long after buying a new pride and joy, and asked me if i would shoot the new purchase for him, and that it be interested if i were to shoot him using this new vehicle. I replied with excitement "ofcourse!"


Now I've not shot something like this before, i knew i could apply aspects from car photography, but Marc's new Kawasaki ZX-6R would be an interesting challenge to pull off for me, so i was very eager to get this green super bike to fill my viewfinder..


So the plan was made, a date set, and after a short wait the day booked come.

I met up with owner Marc Lewis, who clad in full leathers on a warm spring afternoon, who we both shared in over 6 years of catching up together, then had showed me around his new purchase.

Now im the first to admit, for the last 6 years atleast, ive been estranged to bikes, not since riding a scooter around the time me and Marc were in college together, but back in my teens, i was thriving around motor bikes, i visited an annual motorcycle show where me, my older brother and my father would camp the weekend surrounded by stands of show bikes, stunt shows and live music.


Once the pleasantries were well in hand, i directed Marc back towards his 2 wheeled steed, the key was turned and the 636cc 120bhp engine soared to life, Marc hopped into the seat, and we traveled to the first shoot location.

Rolling shots

With Marc clued up on my intentions, his bike in 1st, and my finger on the shutter release, there was nothing else to discuss, just some petrol induced photos to follow


Marc pulls off adjusting his visor, ready for some rolling shots on the road ahead

The sound of this Beautiful piece of Engineered plastic, metal and rubber simply disappeared before my eyes into the twisting B road, and then all was silent, I knew Marc was gearing up for a return pass, so a few test exposures, I found my focus, and waited, and sure enough Marc had reappeared with a knee low to the asphalt, just moments before he bared down on me a burst of shutter actuation's was fired and the moment had passed before I had a chance to pull the camera away from my face.

With his new addition of headlamp covers, the Ninja looks great while on the move

We had progressed to the next spot where it was time for some wheel up action shots, Marc took his time to hone his techniques on the rather uneven ground we were making use of, and then he was ready.

With each new attempt his front wheel was getting higher and higher, the confidence was showing more and more, until i got fair of good shots squared away.

We had a fair few shots proven after this location, it was then time to move on to the main shoot spot, a vista overlooking Neath from high up in the Gilfach lanes.

After setting up the equipment, I begun zoning in, and finding what angles, areas I wanted to exploit, and highlights within the frame that i wanted to expose.

Behind the scenes shot, Just after setting up

Marcs bike had fine details that I just love to show off, my images had to include these, someone standing near this bike might need help pointing these impressions out, but this was my photo shoot, and i don't leave no stone unturned.

Marc had a great time, I learned a new aspect of automotive photography, and I would definitely like to shoot another Bike in the future, plenty of fine details to be found and there's certainly stunning bikes out there.


Marc strikes a pose

Marc strikes a pose

Matt edit works well with the bold colour's of the bike and location