Charity songs 31/5/14 / by Bennett Photography

My partner had seen a post on Facebook about a local Singer that loves nothing more than to Busk in a hot spot in my local town, but this man decided to do something different for a special cause, he wanted to Busk for charity, after getting in touch with cancer research UK, and being sent the obligatory money buckets, a T-shirt for him and 2 other friends, the date was decided and Junior Scully had made his announcements to his followers and friends via social networking.

So i decided to take my partners advice and get in touch and offered my hand to photograph his charitable gesture, i promised a special treat for him as a keepsake also.

The day dawned, i made my way to the Millennium canopy in Port Talbot town centre, where i heard Junior long before i seen him, his ballad echoed far beyond his reach, as i approached he was beating out "Thousand trees" by Stereophonics and a pair of passer by's were making a contribution to his many buckets laid out surrounding himself.

Scully is a happy guy doing what he loves

I approached Junior and was met with a warm welcome, a hand shake and he was very chatty, a genuine bloke, who has a great voice for that matter, , i decided not to linger, blocking his contributions and to step back, shoot a few more pics and leave it at that.

Scully greets donations with a rejoiceful bow

As i promised i had a treat for Junior, i did a small write up and sent it along with a photograph to the local newspaper The Evening Post where the next day it was published and featured on page 4, quite an achievement for both me and Scully, especially for Junior as he had raided over £404 between himself, and his friends Eric Mason and Gareth Bates 

Evening Post feature

Visit Junior's Youtube channel via this address for his music compilation: