A bright night / by Bennett Photography

For a while now I have known of a particular night photo that really inspired me, Ive always known how to achieve it, but I chose to bide my time, never attempting it.

Until now...

The wonderfully beautiful steel wire wool long exposure!

I was out with my partner and was scoping locations, I had a rough plan set out of local places, it was 10pm, and we had set off, the first stop I made was to an abandoned shed, followed by an open mountain view, over a lake, and in a rural area.

So with some practice shots done, I got my exposure set and with a nice high F stop of f8, I donned the lighter to the wool, and before I know it a beautiful blaze was bursting before me, and it was quite bright too!


The result was this image

Something Beautiful Inside

With this under my belt, I looked onto the next location, so I packed up, and left the tin shack..
left with the mountain view in my sights, once there I had envisioned the setting perfectly, knowing exactly where, I wanted the scene to be and where wanted to set up the camera relative to myself doing the action.


The result was this beautiful, colourful vista that took quite a bit of post editing to bring the colours inline, due to the proximity to a large town, the sky is awash with orange cast over the skies, but reducing this orange detailing also effects the wire wool cartwheel, which would make the colour of those embers a fake looking blue, or white

The result which im very happy with:

Burning Vista

Next I left with the lake shot in mind, I wanted reflection, I wanted symmetry, so it just had to be where I had envisioned it.


After some setting up, some test exposures, and my girlfriend being ready to knock the car lights off when I was ready to press the 10 second shutter set to a 20 second delay, giving me just enough time to get into position and light the wool!

Blaze of Symmetry

The final spot I had thought of was up a mountain overpass, going through many farms, with a nice vista of the nearby town, once again I set up, but this time it was not me doing the wool burning, but my partner, Kate took the reins and I pressed the shutter.


Kate performs a beautiful first try perfectly

The final one of the night, I wanted to burn the rest of the wool we had, so a tall shot over looking the pylon behind me with plenty of ember splashes in front of me was something I felt was a suitable finish, I had created this vibrant and dazzling image, with some scope and perspective added to it.

Pylon of Gold