Tabernacle / by Bennett Photography

I was walking around the town, i had my D200 in hand with a 50mm 1.8g attached, i had a Raynox 250 macro converter and i was basically looking for some interesting flowers and micro things to snap, when i approached the flower box, i was asked what i was taking photos of by the local art shop owner.

He invited me to take some photographs of a joint art exhibition inside the long disused Tabernacle Newyd chapel in the high street, the building used to be used by my high school as a venue for our Christmas carol events, since then back in 2004 it had been locked up and left to poor upkeep and care.

I was happy to go in and view the art pieces, have a look around and provide the photographs, once inside there was few people there due to being close to the end of the day, perfect for me to spend time getting my shots, the chapel had a eerie presence and a cold feel, but yet somehow welcoming, the pieces of art were spread out well through out the 3 stories and even in the tower.

The unusual and mostly abstract art took me by surprise, but it was perfect for the lens i had with me, and the overall effect it had within a disused chapel all come together in a harmonious way.

Here are some of the images from the day

Being that they are a non profit cause, Colony projects work with my local college, and art exhibitors to introduce fresh new talent, and help spread the cause within the area, i decided it be most beneficial if i donated my images to the cause, the handler was delighted and since, my images have appeared on their website:


I look forward to working with Colony projects again in the near future