Black Rapid Sport camera strap review

I feel no professional photographer should live without one of these straps, aside from my personal gringe moment when I see someone shooting a professional rule and wearing the original Nikon strap around their neck, looking like an amateur on holiday!

Black Rapid are an american firm, who make camera straps to help keep your camera strapped to your person, yet able to keep your hands free if you let it go, safely and securely, so much so I swear by mine, its a must have piece of kit.

There are many within Blackrapid's range, Myself I bought the Sport R slim, a narrower version of the Sport, but still comes with all the support and build of the latter.

The strap is strong and sturdy, man enough to comfortably hold a full size professional DSLR such as a D4 or my D700 with battery grip, also the lenses you carry, I often wear mine with my D700, grip, and a 70-200 2.8, this together weighs over 2kgs, held safe on the strap.

Why should I use this strap, over the neck strap I got with my camera?

Wearing the camera around your neck is rather uncomfortable, it is also restrictive, but worst of all it swings away rather haphazardly and can cause painful blows to your chest when ever you climb, run, lean or move unpredictably.

The blackrapid strap places the camera at your side, just over your hip, which is adjustable, from your hip as far up as below your underarm, however if you use the strap stops you can adjust how forward and back the camera rests, if you so choose it, the camera would rest on your back, or even on your abdomen, you can also lock the camera in place to stop it moving along the strap.

The strap is comfortable, and literally helps you forget of the fact the camera is there allowing you to direct your subject with hand signals, or to mount a ledge, as far as its weight and presence go you are hands free.

When you come to do some shooting, you grab the camera and slide it up the strap to eye level, or leave it at waist level to review your images.

It does so well with comfort and ease, and you know its safe thanks to the strong strap, the included carabina clip and tripod hardmount clip are strong, and very well built, the clip even locks in place to avoid accidental release.

The body of the strap has a hard point for attaching what you may need, a torch, a small camera on a clip, your phone in a pouch perhaps.

The Brad under arm strap keeps the blackrapid from straying, such as swinging around your shoulder, or even falling down your arm, it is also adjustable, however the Brad strap only comes with the Sport models.

Blackrapid also sell hard points for replacing the locking tab on your tripod foot, so you can use the foot as a camera mount for the strap, but allow you to quickly place it in the tripod if required, which is extremely handy, I use this as a second option to mount my heavier 70-200 f2.8 lens to the strap, which helps balance the camera/lens on the strap, while maintaining the main hard point on my camera for when im not using the 70-200.

Buying one

Being an american made and sold product, you cant buy the strap just anywhere in the UK, however the Blackrapid website list retailers where they are sold, good camera shops often do sell them, so do some shops on ebay.